Smoke Alarm Safety Checklist

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Check this simple smoke alarm safety checklist to make sure that your smoke alarm are working properly and meet the australian standard for smoke alarm.

  1.  Make sure the smoke alarm batteries are fresh and replace them if necessary.
  2.  Test the alarm and make sure it sounds when there is smoke in the home.
  3.  Make sure the alarm circuit is working by testing it with a digital multimeter. If you do not have one, check with your local fire department for a local service provider or shop that can help test your electrical system for free.
  4.  Replace any missing or damaged parts on your smoke alarms, including the battery holders (if applicable).
  5.  Change the battery in your smoke detector every 12 months, or sooner if it loses its ability to detect fire (has low battery).

Smoke alarms save lives. Smoke alarms reduce the chance of your home being damaged by fire.

But they can fail. Smoke alarms are designed to work when they detect smoke and heat, but they can be damaged by other things such as cooking fires, electrical surges or even car accidents. This is why it’s so important to check them regularly and replace any that are no longer working properly.

The first step in keeping your home safe is to check your smoke alarm every month or two to make sure it’s operating properly and hasn’t been damaged by an accident or other event (see below). Check this site for more information about smoke alarm sydney and other fcf regional sites.

If you have pets, make sure their food and water dishes are always out of reach from where they sleep at night (or at least out of reach from where the smoke detector is located). If possible, keep pets away from anything that might set off a fire alarm if it goes off unexpectedly — like a blanket left on the floor after coming back from a trip outside or an electrical device plugged into an outlet near where your pet sleeps at night.

If you have young children who sleep with stuffed animals or other small toys, be sure those items aren’t placed near where the smoke detector is located — even under blankets if necessary — because these objects could get wet during a fire.

You should never use your smoke alarm if the batteries are low or dead. If a battery is getting weak, it will sound at random intervals and you may not even know that it’s on. This can be dangerous for children or the elderly who might not be able to tell if their smoke alarm is working properly.

The best way to ensure that your smoke alarm is working properly is to test it periodically. You can do this by pressing the test button on the battery compartment. If it malfunctions, change the batteries and try again.

You should also make sure that they’re installed correctly. Some people think they’re safe just because they have them in their homes but this isn’t always true as there are many other factors that can affect smoke alarm performance such as being placed too close to heat sources or drafts (such as doors), being knocked over by pets or children playing with them, etc

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